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Whether it’s managing your travel budget, connecting you to the best corporate deals or offering exclusive travel services, our 24/7 support team allows you to book all your business travels with confidence.

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As one of the top-rated Travel Management companies in Sri Lanka, we help our clients succeed by developing durable corporate travel programs to meet the objectives of all stakeholders.

Supported by a strongly built information database, our sophisticated technology and enterprising human resources will give you complete peace of mind and advise you on the most effective and efficient travel budgets for Corporates.

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Crafting the perfect business tours for you and your business partners with ease with our corporate travel packages. Get in touch with Classic Travel today using our inquiry form to Devise a plan around all your business meetings, group activities, exhibitions and even workshop.

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Conferences & Exhibitions

  • Global Procurement & Hotel/Venue Selection
  • Transportation Management
  • Event Oversight
  • On-site Management
  • Accommodations Management
  • Registration Services

Classic Travel supports the needs of all team members including but not limited to: various travelers, finance teams, administrators, and leadership. This support incorporates reviewing compliance, monitoring quality control, while building client relationships.

We collaborate with partners to identify the travel solutions that make sense for the entire organization.

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